Voices from the Grave

Ed Moloney's 'Voices from the Grave' published today has caused quite a stir here in Northern Ireland. The book is based on interviews with two former paramilitary leaders, David Ervine from the UVF and former IRA leader Brendan Hughes. An interview with Brendan Hughes claims that Gerry Adams the Sinn Féin President ordered the murder of Jean McConville over claims she was a British army informer.Nearly a decade ago Ed Moloney's book  'A Secret History of the IRA' detailed Adams’s involvement with the IRA’s Belfast brigade and their reign of terror in the early and mid 1970s.

The blurb for Voices from the Grave reads...
a truly ground-breaking piece of historical evidence-gathering initiated by Boston College, two former paramilitary leaders - one republican, one loyalist - speak with unprecedented frankness about their role in some of the most appalling violence of the Troubles. Their openness results in a book of shocking and irresistible testimony, their voices set in the context of a narrative by Ed Moloney of their lives and of the society they grew up in.

A review for  'A Secret History of the IRA' read... An in-depth authoritative read. A 'must buy' for those interested in modern republican history...Ed Moloney at his best!!! I'm sure there'll be similar reviews for Voices from the Grave too.

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