Never let go of what YOU strive for

Not only a true insight to the ever evolving big wave surf scene in Ireland but also an inspirational, emotional and personal journey by Al Mennie.
My mind was filled with thoughts should I really be doing this? Do I know what I've got myself into? Am I ready?
I felt I was feeling my way through big wave surfing at this stage largely with a trial and error approach. It was a weird time in my life because I also felt like that in my everyday life.source

Pioneering Northern Irish big wave surfer Al Mennie has recently, with the help of April Sky Design, published his first book.Al accepted as a contender into the 2007/2008 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards and as a nominee for selection into the Quiksilver Big Wave In Memory of Eddie Aikau event at Waimea Bay, Hawaii is one of only two European surfers to have ever achieved these prestigious accolades.
The video below shows a little of what he does when a huge swell hit the West Coast of Ireland on 7th November 2009.Al  is wearing the orange helmet, black wetsuit and is on the orange board.

The book cleverly entitled "Surfing Mennie Waves" is available to buy now.

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