A memoir about golf and pursuing your dreams is due to be released this April in the USA. The book entitled 'Dream On' is written by John Richardson a 39 year old golfer who lives in Bangor, Northern Ireland. In May 2004 he set himself a challenge, he was a hacker golfer who couldn’t break 100 and wanted to break par at his local golf course. John wanted to do it in a year or less.  Sam Torrance told him to “dream on”.

James Corrigan, Golf Correspondent, The Independent wrote...
While the overwhelming majority of us would be content with the occasional miracle in a thousand efforts, the author went after 70 of them. Consecutively. Yes, the Ulsterman made it his mission to go from being unable to break 100, to breaking par in the space of a year. And not only that, but the self-avowed slob in his late thirties would do so while holding down a full-time job as well as bringing up a family. As Sam Torrance said when he heard of the project, 'Dream On!'. Thus the Scot gave Richardson his title, if not some extra incentive.

Published by Blackstaff Press in the UK and now Skyhorse Publishing in the US it's strange that the best recomendation I've read for this book came in the form of a tweet...

Just received the 'Dream On ' book from @breakpargolf. Nearly halfway already! It's like it was written exclusively for my quest...:)  @mygreenjacket

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