That's lovely !

I think it's nice to see a book written by someone I know, because they might just drop a copy in the post to me.It's even better when an ex creative writing tutor of mine has her first book published. I had the privilege of being in a creative writing class in Limavady which was facilitated by Bernie McGill. Bernie's book The Butterfly Cabinet is due to be published later this year. I'm looking forward to reading the book as Bernie heard so much of what I attempted to write. I couldn't resist but write a short poem at the end of the series of classes that highlighted two words she said after she'd heard my attempts at writing.We both read the poem out at the last class. I'll share it here...
"That's lovely" a poem for two narrators
1st narrator
On the 2nd of October 2008
I arrived before eleven. It's rude to be late.
The creative writing class started
and we all said who we were
and what we liked writing
and what we wanted to learn.
Over the weeks the lessons were varied
and some of the homework's even seemed quite scary.
Like writing iambic stress patterns and spells and incantations.
When I couldn't do them I was full of frustration.
When my words all connected and everything flowed
and I felt like what I'd written was worth it's weight in gold.
Yes, when that happened the words I wanted to hear.
Just two words, which I'll always hold dear
2nd narrator -(words spoken slowly and sweetly)
"That's lovely"

I'm sure Bernie's book will be lovely and thanks to CultureNI here's an extract read by Bernie herself.Enjoy...

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