Sunday, 18 April 2010 12-5 @ the Black Box

Inspired by the crafty resourcefulness of the Black Market and a cult tv-show about a dusty bookshop and a taciturn, alcoholic Irishman, trans in association with the Black Market, present a new, grass-roots book fair.With a cacophony of stalls manned by book-sellers, zine writers and literary enthusiasts and an afternoon of word-based entertainment, Black Books is a revival and a celebration of the multiplicities of language and printed word.Stalls will include new and secondhand books, zines, rare books & antiquities, comicbooks, magazines, papers and children’s literature.Come enjoy a laid-back Sunday afternoon, and have a hoke through some dusty old books sitting side-by- side with cutting edge writing from both the local and international avant-garde.Tea and tales in the cafe all day: books, bean bags and storytelling.Tea and Tales brings you stories by some of the best authors of children’s contemporary fiction read on-the-hour by renowned storytellers. Children and parents can choose to listen to the stories read on the hour or simply relax on some bean bags in a quiet comfy area and choose something to read for themselves.Perhaps most importantly there will be a fine selection of word-based games in the cafe including Scrabble, Boggle and the Black Books favourite, BANANAGRAMS!
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