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Launched last night,  Paperboy’- a memoir of a Belfast childhood, is another book to add to [yours and] my reading list.This book is written by Tony Macaulay,a broadcaster and community development and conflict resolution consultant from Northern Ireland.The blurb for the book reads...

It’s Belfast, 1975, and a 12-year-old boy wearing Brut aftershave has just been appointed paperboy to the Upper Shankill by Oul’ Mac.

The smell of Tayto cheese and onion crisps is on his breath, and the aroma of fresh fish suppers and burning double-decker busses is in the air. It is the era of platform shoes and parallel trousers, and Paperboy is taking guitar lessons with Mr Rowing so he can play along to the Bay City Rollers.

Belfast in the seventies is like the newspapers he delivers: everything is black and white, albeit Orange and Green. There are bombings and killings on the evening news, but Paperboy is more interested in Doctor Who and Top of the Pops, bonfires and outer space, and of course, Sharon Burgess.

It is a time of hate and conflict, but Paperboy’s only battles are with acne, dentistry and the wee hoods out to rob his paper money. The streets are ruled by the IRA and the UDA, but Paperboy is under the spell of a less threatening acronym: ABBA.

There are secrets at school and dangers on the streets, but Paperboy is happy, so he is. He is a good paperboy. He delivers.
Tony's been busy the last day or two. The launch, videod by Mr Ulster...

On the Nolan Show [podcasts]

And, Tony's just announced the news that...
The film rights for 'Paperboy' have been snapped up by Titian Red Pictures. They plan to make the book into an international feature film!
I'm looking forward to reading the book as my wee Ma was born on the 'Road' and because of that I seem to have an affinity with the Shankill and want to keep updated on all that's gone on there.

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