Some Weekend Reading...


Space was ablaze with orgasmic brilliance as the death throes of a billion voices choked in flame.
Orange, blue, red and green danced in a leering kaleidoscope opera as the planet's atmosphere began to evaporate. Time held its breath as the land shivered, cracked and began to dissolve under great waves of vivid green lightning as the air sizzled with energy.The planet was breaking up, black infernos blasting glacial chunks into space in halos of fire, whole continents shimmering into ash beneath the onslaught.

The stars trembled in horror as the entire eco-structure was swallowed in oceans of lava and fire which began shaving all life from the crumbling surface of Xereba in unrelenting spasms.
The land screamed and shattered, every person and animal caught in tidal firewalls that reduced the burning seas to superheated steam. Within minutes a millennia of evolution died in the molten rubble that surged forward from beneath the surface in great unfeeling geysers devouring everything they touched. Already, a bubbling wreath of red hot molten asteroids were forming, tumbling end over end in brimstone flame through space, a tapestry of tombstones marking the end for Xereba more 

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