"Finest teacher this school has."

When a teacher gets "5s" on RateMyTeachers.Com for easiness,helpfulness and clarity. When a teacher receives comments  on the same website "Finest teacher this school has." and "Quality teacher. Survived AS level English with his help! He knows his stuff. Listen, Read, Study, You will do well." When a teacher like that writes a book I reckon it'll be worth reading.
The teacher with these top ratings is Francis Hagan who grew up in Belfast and waseducated at the University of Ulster and Queen's University. He has taught Creative Writing for ten yearsand is currently teaching English at Hazelwood College. His first novel is entitled The Auditor.
The blurb for the book reads...

Francis Hagan's disturbing parabable is concerned with a dystopian future teetering on the brink of moral atrophy.Drawing from the nueroses of Franz Kafka, the political insight of George Orwell and the gifts of a natural thriller writer, the psychic and physical landscape of The Auditor is one of an authoritarian society turning in on itself, fracturing to produce a world of gang identity and social chaos corrupting to the very core what it is to be human.It is a chilling and timely story.

The book is being launched next Monday the 14th June @ The Merchant Hotel, Belfast @ 7pm.

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