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  • Irish Pages - The Up-and-Coming Reading - Thursday 20 May 2010 7.30 pm - The Black Box,Cathedral Quarter, Belfast. http://ht.ly/1MbLw
  • Book review: 'The Hand That First Held Mine,http://ht.ly/1Ko8s' by Maggie O'Farrell @ washingtonpost.com http://ht.ly/1Ko9q
  • Crime Fiction Week: A nationwide celebration of crime writing, National Crime Fiction Week will run from 14th - 20th June http://ht.ly/1KxpN
  • Interview with Ray Givans who published his 1st collection "Tolstoy in Love" [Dedalus Press] last year @ Tonguefire - http://ht.ly/1Lsyr
  • Listen now to the conversation about Nobel Prize winning author John Steinbeck and his links to N.I. on "A Kist o Wurds" http://ht.ly/1LVZ1
Recent favourites...
ColinBateman'The Day of the Jack Russell' paperback launch in The Gutter Bookshop, Dublin on June 9, 6 pm - free for all, and it might turn into that.
PublicityBooks Piece by Maggie O'Farrell in today's Guardian Women's pages on secondary infertility http://bit.ly/csuveN 
BlackstaffNI May 2010 Newsletter, win copies of new titles, latest news - http://eepurl.com/wOKL
davidjmoody New blog post: A quick AUTUMN competition http://www.djmoody.co.uk/2010/05/15/a-quick-autumn-competition/ 
ClaireAllan Talking in the Evening Herald about what I would do if I won the Lotto, planning the book release and another... http://bit.ly/cPmhq0 
_FionaCassidy_ Really enjoyed being guest speaker with the Burnavon Writer's who've just launched their own book of short stories! Good luck folks!

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