The debate continues...

As a cross-party group of MLAs take receipt of educators' report aimed at breaking the political impasse over academic selection,here's an opportunity for us to discuss this issue which has been in the news here in Northern Ireland for a while now. To help us get involved in the debate BooksNI.Com are offering a couple of free copies of the book Selection Challenged: The Case Against Selection for 11+.
The blurb for the book reads...

Written by the former Head of Education Services in CCEA, Dr Alastair Walker, Selection Challenged looks back through the last 60 years to see how we came to be where we are now. It considers the various attempts that have been made at devising a reliable and acceptable means of implementing selection, studies the research evidence surrounding the subject, examines the situation in other places and looks critically at the arguments used to justify selection.

To be considered as one of the recipients of a free copy of this book you can leave a comment with your views on the Northern Ireland Academic Selection Process here on this blog.Or leave a comment/question here addressed to Dr Walker on BooksNI.Biz which he will answer. Or thirdly, leave a link to where you've blogged/written about this subject on your website/blog here. Dr Walker will decide who will recieve these free books. Please ensure you leave a current email address on all comments so that either BooksNI.Com Dr Walker or BooksNI.Biz can contact you to arrange to post the free book to you.

The blogger/politician Conall McDevitt tweeted "Dr Alastair Walker is dead right about the way ahead for selection in NI" what do you think?

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