Still Dreaming and WAKE

Still Dreaming: Poetry and Short Stories, the first book by Northern Irish author, Ellie Rose McKee, was first released in May 2012 and then re-released as a second edition earlier this month, on September 17th. WAKE, which is the sequel, is due for release in just a few days – on September 28th.

While Still Dreaming included some experimental and less common literary styles and dealt with some hard hitting issues, WAKE goes further. WAKE is darker, more personal and much longer too. It includes a Haiku with an advanced structure, a Limerick, a Sonnet, a Monologue and a Soliloquy alongside ‘typical’ poems and short stories.

The covers for both books come from photographs taken by the author herself. The first being of Groomsport bay, part of County Down’s Ards Peninsula and the second being of Northern Ireland north coast – near the Giant’s Causeway.
Ellie really enjoys photography and even produced a paperback containing all her own ‘shots’ over the summer entitled Overlooked Awe.

All three of the aforementioned books were self published, but Ellie is hoping to go down the traditional publishing route with her novel – Rising from Ashes. In the meantime, however, she has plans to release a second photobook in February 2013.

When not writing or taking photos, Ellie enjoys travelling, making YouTube videos and getting involved with Children’s and Youth Work. You can find out more about her by visiting her website, Facebook Fan Page or Twitter Profile

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